Moving Forward with 50+ Less Educators

The Coachella Valley Unified School District announced its intent on laying off 50 to 60 schoolteachers this month and around 10 to 20 other staff members. Their reasoning? It was either the layoffs or declaring bankruptcy for the school district as $6.4 million is to be cut from the budget (Kelman, DesertSun).

“Due to several years of overspending that reached as much as $11 million a year, the school district is looking at a $10.7 million budget deficit that needs to be reduced in order to keep reserves at 3 percent of the district’s $180 million operating budget for 2014-2015.” (Blain, KESQ).

Credit: Westside Elementary School in Thermal. Crystal Chatham, The Desert Sun

Credit: School in Thermal. Crystal Chatham, The Desert Sun

A lack of funds brought about by overspending that reach an estimated $11 million per year! One might demand who is in charge of the budget and why those people are not getting a pink slip. CVUSD Board members claim their motto is “Together we build a better future” and operate under the mission statement “A district that promotes education, pride, and progress”. There is no pride in laying off schoolteachers and class sizes will increase as a result of this poor decision.

Superintendent Adams seems considerably optimistic about the future of CVUSD in the December 3rd press release entitled “Always Moving Forward” claiming that their decisions will lead to a brighter future for the district and its students, but this is no means to a better end, it is a detrimental loss of educators and, according to the finding, a lack of discipline by board members brought about by a misuse of funding.

Why did we take note of this latest news happening in our valley? What is our connection to our valley teachers? It matters because of the long history we have with the students we tutor. We have seen a large variety of individual needs over the years, served with the care teachers can provide. This is why we feel passionate about students and teachers, teaching and education. Our students deserve positive attention and smaller class sizes.


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