1 – to – 1 Tutoring

Welcome to the Lighthouse, center for learning and development of foundational skills needed for the rigor of today’s classroom. Our number one goal is to help you create an enjoyable learner experience for your child, as it should be; one where your son or daughter can be inspired to learn and invest in the academic process. We would like your child to walk into the classroom with self-confidence and newfound interest to explore.


  • 1-to-1 teaching model. Your personal academic coach will take the time to know your child and promote academic success.
  • 1 hour block* of structured learning, which includes a debrief with student or parent at the end of the session to communicate about the learning experience and student engagement.
  • Students receive homework support in the areas of struggle and we can supplement schoolwork for enrichment purposes, as desired.
  • Students practice with MATH and ELA manipulatives to better understand the subject or task assignments, excellent for visual and auditory learners.
  • Each student checks in with their tutor, on a weekly basis, for mentoring and progress monitoring of the academic subject(s) being addressed.
  • California credentialed teacher on staff, knowledgeable in district-wide curriculum instruction and assessments.


  • Each teacher has the appropriate certificate or credentials in the subject area they tutor. Teachers are knowledgeable and apply a variety of teaching strategies to address learner needs.
  • Your personal academic coach structures student study time, making homework more enjoyable for both parent and child.
  • Individualize Education Programs (IEPs) or a 504 Plan are welcome here.
  • Our learning center uses computer-adaptive monitoring technology in the areas of foundation reading (comprehension, phonics and vocabulary), and mathematics. This allows us to gauge the academic areas that need to be addressed.
  • We use ongoing skills assessment as measurable data to guide our instruction: Skills Checker and Benchmark.
  • Supplemental materials are Common Core State Standards Aligned (CCSS). Coachella, Desert Sands, and Palm Springs Unified School District textbook supported.
  • Our tutors can initiate communication with the classroom teacher(s) for additional student support, upon request.


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(*The tutoring block is broken up into 10-20 minutes segments, depends on the task and student attention span, to provide the flexibility needed for student engagement. Our tutors adapt to a child’s learning preferences, pace and speed.)