The Listening Program ®

What if you could train the brain to process what is heard more efficiently? The Listening Program, music therapy, does exactly that through psychoaccoustically modified classical music.

The simple act of engaging in a systematic schedule of listening can lead to improvements in many areas including:

Learning • Listening • Daily Living • Sensory Processing • Behavior • Attention • Communication • Reading • Social Engagement • Brain Fitness • Musical Ability • Self Regulation

The Listening Program combines decades of clinical research in several fields, including neurology, physiology, psycho-acoustics, auditory processing, music theory and more.

The Listening Program® helps overcome auditory processing challenges – moving from a “disorganized” to an “organized” system. Many are aware that music is beneficial to learning, but what makes it so beneficial or how it works?

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TLP and the ear

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So the question becomes…how can we overcome auditory processing challenges – moving from a “disorganized” to an “organized” system.Certain classical music, like that of Mozart, Haydn and Vivaldi, has specific structure, producing sound waves in organized patterns. Within these patterns are vital elements including time, frequency and volume. When listening to music, the ear is receiving the musical sound waves – waves that arrive in different frequencies, measured in Hertz (Hz). These frequencies stimulate the brain, and thus affect different functions of the mind and body. [click here to learn more]


After an initial client intake, we will determine an appropriate, individual listening plan. Generally, listeners will use TLP once or twice a day for 15 minutes, five days a week. The initial listening plan will take place over the course of at least a few months, followed by maintenance listening to build on specific benefits. As your TLP Provider, we will monitor your progress, we will often make adjustments throughout the listening plan to meet individual needs.

Whatever the listening schedule, consistency on the part of the listener is critical. For lasting change, casual exposure to auditory stimulation will not produce results. The brain must be frequently and repetitively presented with specific auditory stimulation, with the right intensity, and for a sufficient duration of time for effective change.

Experience the Sound: ABT Bone Conduction Audio SystemTM Get more from The Listening Program®



iListen features The Listening Program® (TLP) Level One on an iPod produced with un-compressed, copy protected audio specifically for the iPod. iListen comes preloaded with TLP Level One and a library of music from the Sound Health® collection. Also includes an educational handbook.

The Listening Program® (TLP) is easy to use and produces verifiable results in auditory functions.

The Listening Program® enables significant progress for individuals across the continuum – those who are seeking enhanced listening performance to those struggling with various learning, behavior, or developmental disorders. In addition, TLP® integrates with multiple modalities and can be used to enhance other intervention or therapies.

To maximize effectiveness, TLP® is only available through qualified, trained providers who are capable to administering the TLP® method. As your TLP provider we are well-equipped to design a listening schedules to address your specific goals.

The Research: Unlocking Potential – Using The Listening Program® to Help Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Improve Auditory Processing


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