Who Benefits With AARC?

CVL 127Reading is the key that helps students of all ages to succeed in school and in life. We have worked with student’s ages 6 to 60. Some have come to us not knowing how to read at all. Others were high school students actually getting A’s and B’s—but aware that reading was unnecessarily difficult for them making schoolwork a struggle. Our program has helped:

  • Students who are behind in reading skills
  • Students who are struggling with reading and do not enjoy it
  • Students with learning or reading disabilities
  • Good readers who want to excel
  • Beginning readers
  • Homeschool students

Our students enjoy their time with us and often want to keep going even when their lesson is over. This is because we make learning to read fun and easy. We teach in a systematic step-by-step way that increases self-confidence at the same time. From the very first lesson, they experience only success in the process of learning to read.

Where To Begin?

Academic Associates Reading Course® will give your child a solid phonemic awareness foundation.

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