Academic Associates Reading Course ®

Academic Associates Reading Program™

“It’s amazing how much he’s grown and improved in his reading skills. He is more motivated now whereas before he didn’t care and wouldn’t try.” – Griselda S., AARC Family

Academic Associates Reading Course® is a highly effective methodology for reading instruction. It is a distinctive phonics-based reading program developed by a teacher and principal after years of frustration with reading instruction. It is a complete course in reading and comprehension. Academic Associates Reading Course® encompasses all the sounds, rules and processes of reading, beginning with word-attack skills and progressively encompassing comprehension and fluency. The complete and authentic basis of the program is the reason it is so successful with students of all ages as well as those diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning problems.


Academic Associates Reading Course® is a self-paced course. Students usually require about 30 hours to complete the program—and graduates (including the learning disabled) typically have advanced up to 3-grade levels!

The course is a curriculum with a beginning, middle, and end. We do not use workbooks, flash cards (promotes memorizing), pictures (promotes guessing) or computer equivalents. All students are taught in a warm, supportive atmosphere using positive reinforcement to build self-confidence and self-esteem. There are no “tests” and no “wrong” answers.

The Academic Associates Reading Course® is now taught at well over 225 licensed learning centers like ours in the United States and around the world and has helped tens of thousands of students of all ages. This phonics-based program works consistently, even when other methods have failed.


No. Most of them barely scratch the surface. They teach only the most basic sounds and leave out large blocks of essential skills. Some of these programs are helpful, but they are like a puzzle with many missing pieces. They often leave students confused and discouraged.

While it’s true that some students (about one third) learn to read proficiently without any instruction at all, others (about one third) will never read well without being taught all 44 sounds and all of the rules of phonics in a logical, sequential and explicit way. It has to do with the way individual brains function and has nothing at all to do with intelligence. The middle third of students may have learned to read without the benefit of a comprehensive phonics program, but it is likely that they will read with some difficulty, limiting their success in all academic areas.



Our program starts with the 16 letters that normally make only one sound each. Then letters and combinations that make other sounds are gradually added. Practice words are sounded out at each stage, incorporating all the prior sounds so that the process is continually reinforced throughout the program, becoming increasingly automatic. The goal of many first-grade reading courses is to teach 200-600 words. In our very first lesson, our students, including those with learning disabilities, read at least 300 words and are empowered to read thousands more.

Reading comprehension is addressed in the latter stages of the program when the student can give more attention to meaning because less mental energy is needed just to decode the words. We usually find that comprehension has already improved dramatically at this point just from the shift in energy and attention arising from improved phonics skills.


Reading is the key that helps us to succeed in school and in life. Our program has helped:

  • students who are behind in reading skills
  • students who are struggling with reading and do not enjoy it
  • students with learning or reading disabilities
  • good readers who want to excel
  • beginning readers

Our students enjoy their time with us and often want to keep going even when their lesson is over. This is because we make learning to read fun and easy. We teach in a systematic step-by-step way that increases self-confidence at the same time. From the very first lesson, they experience only success in the process of learning to read. The Academic Associates Reading Course® will give your child a solid phonemic awareness foundation.


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