How To Keep The Brain Happy During Spring Break

Take a trip to your local public library this Spring Break. While children may find it appealing to stay home, here are some reasons why visiting your local public library may be a good idea.

A Fantastic Resource For Help With Technology

Despite the image that libraries are all about reading and quiet activities, public libraries and librarians are working to keep up with technological advances. Depending on where you are located, public libraries may even offer classes for help with programs like how to use Microsoft Office and communication tools. For the older kids, tips on how to create and post an online resume during a job search. For young children, learning how to type and surf the web is the first step.

Pick Up A Hobby

Your local library may offer arts and crafts, writing, reading, knitting, or even exercise programs and opportunities! The La Quinta public library has storytime activities for pre-school children and “learn how” technology classes for adults this week. Also, the Palm Desert public library has teen activities starting this week. We checked!

Learn How To Communicate Effectively

Learning how to communicate well is important. Social activities at your public library may bring more confidence and promote communication skills in children and adults of all ages.

A Learning Environment

Let’s not forget the backbone of the library. With plenty of books and a great learning ambiance, the library is a great place to keep up with the learning curve during school breaks.

How has the public library benefited you and your family?

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(Featured image: Kris Snibbe)


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